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3rd C ~ Contract on House

We did it! We put a contract on a house that we want to buy.

I’m sure that after a good year and a half of helping us look, our realtor was incredibly happy to find something we liked. Granted, we didn’t run him into the ground with thousands of showings, but we did make him look pretty hard for a house we’d like.

Front View


Back View

It’s considered a rancher style of house, but in the center there’s that A frame which makes a loft area that’s perfect for my office.

The real story is that we did this on December 22nd. Who does this right before the biggest holiday season of the year?!  Nutty us, that’s who.

I’ve felt good about this process and felt really good about this house. It’s got a very family friendly atmosphere, even if the interior is still stuck in the 80’s. So why then, did I need a stiff drink as soon as I’d finished signing on the dotted line? As soon as we left the realtors office I was feeling nutty, anxious and emotional so we b-lined it to a friend’s house. As soon as I walked in, I plunked my butt down at her counter and promptly announced that I needed a martini and I needed it NOW! Without questions, she set to shaking me up a Cosmo and then asked what was up. She’d never seen me so shaken. I’m normally the one that everyone comes to for a solution, not the one falling to pieces. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about why I would react that way. Hormones? Possibly. Who knows. In any event, it was nice to know I had a friend to go to that was ready with vodka and a hug!