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Bucket of Doom… and other niceties! :0)

Stink bugs. Ugh. I’ve written about these nasty little buggars before, but along with the blooming of the flowers and trees, stink bugs are also popping up like weeds. These fairly large bugs are damaging to crops and smell horribly when threatened, but they pose no real harm to people. (unless you are a biker and one slams into your face shield, maybe) However, if you mention them in any kind of company, you’re bound to get a scrunched up face of distaste and maybe even a shudder.

A week ago, it was a bit warmer and a day couldn’t go by without¬† finding at least one bug in my office, so I got a plastic container and started to “collect” stink bugs. After I had a few in there and I noticed they were wrestling around, I nicknamed my container “The Bucket of Doom”. In fact, it was my anniversary, and Hubby brought me home 27+ carnations. To express my undying love for the time we’ve spent together, I handed him his very own Bucket of Doom and said, “Honey, I’ve strategically placed 27 stink bugs around the house for you!” You know you’ve been married for a long time when you each compare and compete to see how many inhabitants you can introduce into your Bucket of Doom.

Number 4 visited this weekend. It was a much-needed visit for me at least. The planning and packing and actual cartage of schtuff from one place to another was fairly easy for me and I had a bunch of help from friends, but the unpacking has been a bit more difficult and I found that the more stuff I took out of boxes with no clear place to go, the more I had felt scattered. Just spending a few days with her and getting a morning cuddle from her was enough to make me feel better and inspired to find a place for everything.  (and she helped me pick out some furniture!)


If you’ve read my blogs, or you know anything about me, you’ll know that I went to Italy last summer. I have an offer to go to Spain this Spring, but I think I’m going to pass. However, we are now in the planning stages for a trip to Paris, France in 2013. Believe me, the irony of trying to finish up media projects from Italy while planning for France is not lost on me. :0)