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Fun in the Sun

I may not be as witty and clever with photo shop as my friend Jenny, but I guess I should let you know my side of the story and, ahem, camera. 

As reported in Jenny’s blog, we had missed our boat while on the ‘drunk bus’ and decided to go to M R Ducks while we waited for Frank and Libby to finish their jet ski adventure. (btw, Frank has decided that the definition of an adventure is any event that may result in your death.)

Now Jenny, as clever as she may be, is a bit shy so after she cautiously cased the joint for seats, I pointed out the rather noisy seats by the blender. They couldn’t have been too bad because we were served quickly! Obviously the drinks are pretty good here as Jenny quickly guzzled down her frozen beverage and proceeded to  serenade us while we waited for the band to start.



Again, her observation is correct as to why our blender seats were probably empty, but they were a great place to start in a crowded bar and as luck would have it, we did eventually jump to a table with a lovely view after watching the elderly couple who were occupying it like hawks. What she left out was that she eventually tossed them over the rail after waiting so long. I happened to snap this photo just as she had launched the old geezer.



As you can see, Jenny was quite happy with our “overthrow” of the elderly. We  eventually ate lunch while we watched the old man sink to the bottom as the old woman sang the song from “Titanic” and tossed him her necklace as a life raft.


After our drinks, we decided that the arcade was just the place for two tipsy blondes to go.  (It’s a guaranteed win if you take Jenny to play air hockey.) We were pretty evenly matched at bowling and ski ball.  Notice Jenny’s fierce look. It was her scare tactic. As if one look from her and all the pins will fall to the ground in fear.





Next we stumbled onto the boardwalk, (don’t let her fool you, she did try ‘Club Stumble’) and after giving some ‘œcookie cutter girls’ an incredibly evil look, Jenny decided she’d pretend to be Jonah! She swore the whale was trying to swim away and she was losing her balance. I reminded her that the whale was concrete.


On the trip back to the condo, via the drunk bus, Jenny decided she needed to do some pull ups to work her triceps. She quit after one, claiming that she’d had enough exercise tossing the old couple into the brink and that she thought the whale was causing an allergic reaction and swelling her tongue. I think she’s just trying to lick Liberty.


We did eventually make the cruise to Assateague Island, but that’s the next blog entry.



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