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For some reason

I always feel like my blogs should ‘say’ something, or at least be entertaining.  Probably because it’s a public forum and I feel I must produce for the public.  But tonight I don’t feel like it. I’m just going to rant. Heck it’s not like a total of maybe 5 people read anything I write anyway.. why can’t I just be informal?

I’m tired, but it’s midnight and I’m waiting up for my youngest child to come home from the movies. Not sure why waiting up is the thing that parent’s do when their teen is this age, but I can’t help it.  It’s not like depriving myself of sleep is going to make her come home any safer or faster, but it just seems to be the thing you do.

Does anyone else have this silly notion that housework is done only during the day? I have tons of things I could be doing, but housework is not one of the things I’ll do in the evening. Silly thought there. I’ll do work related projects until I fall asleep, but the thought of sweeping the kitchen floor or cleaning the toilets at midnight seem so wrong.

I went to dinner to visit some friends – mental note, I need to send them a quick email- and while I was there, Jenny came in with her sister. Funny, ’cause I had thought to call Jenny and see if she was busy but I got all tied up in being angry at my husband and didn’t. Just as well, I guess. I also had a woman sitting next to me say that she knew me from my children’s soccer days. I remembered her! That’s a new thing, ’cause there are tons of things I don’t remember.

I’m supposed to set my alarm for 2:45 so I can call my friend Dave and wake him up so he goes to work. I think he’d sleep thru armageddon. (Which actually might be a bad thing for him if you think about it.)

I’m leaving for Mexico in a week. I’m excited and I’m scared. I’ve never been out of the country to a foreign nation before. I hope I don’t do something stupid and end up having to be rescued. My spanish stinks, so hopefully my “Please pass the salt” or “Where are the restrooms” won’t actually be interpreted ast “I’m going to kill your newly elected President.” or “Sitting toaster horse yellow woman without clothes?”

I was supposed to paint in the basement today. I have basement issues. I don’t like to go into them. The basement of my parents house was spooky enough. I need to go into the basement because that’s where the excersize equipment will be. I definitely need to get over that sillly issue.

Oh well, guess I’ll doze in my chair until the daughter returns…..


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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