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Grandfather and Caverns

Today we traversed the Blue Ridge Mountains on our way to Linville Caverns and Grandfather Mountain. Dave finally got so sick of me twitching and braking and hissing and grabbing for the “oh sh*t” handle that he pulled off at Craggy Gardens and told me to drive!! Can’t really blame him. It took a LONG tine to get to the caverns, but once there it only took .5 hour to take the tour. This picture is supposed to represent a wedding scene with the bride and groom on their knees and the tall figure to the left is the officiate.

We also went to Grandfather mountain, which has a mile high swinging bridge. It was a bit windy crossing but the bridge was pretty steady, unlike me. I get so dizzy when I’m high up. I can stand on top of a 50 foot square flat surface, but if it is up in the air,  I still get wobbly. After enjoying the view through the passing clouds we went to the museum and animal habitat. The animals were nice to see so close.

I’m not being to descriptive on this blog because most of my time on this computer was spent posting the pictures I’ve put up. Took forever to download the software, choose each picture, rename and such….. I’m just ready for bed at this point. Glad Dave has the laundry duty!! hehehe


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