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Quite a nice birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.  All in all, I had a very nice celebration. On Sunday, my children living nearby, joined me for a cookout.  We played a game of casual Uno and just visited. That’s always fantastic. My children are all adult or near adult.  so spending any time with them is always fun.

Yesterday, I worked all day and then went to a very nice dinner. Some may say, “Aww, you had to work on your birthday..” but fear not! The sense of accomplishment and the release of stress due to the fact that I knew I had progressed in a large project that has a close deadline is completely worth it. Factor in that I get to crank tunes and work in my home, (the commute is just so HARD- move cat…heheh) makes it all the more enjoyable.  The dinner was very nice, too. My bestest friend, my husband and I had dinner in Alexandria at Ted’s Montana Grill. Nothing says birthday better than a tender and juicy bison fillet…mmmm! AND to top off the evening, Frank barely even flinched when I accidentally spilled my ice water in his lap!! Now that’s love, I tell you!

As to getting another year older?  I can’t complain, since I recently got carded at a restaurant.  Maybe she was just being nice, but she was insistent in seeing my ID before she served me, and it made me feel extra good.  Vanity, thy name is woman.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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