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A Juiceylicious Morning

I have had one of the most sensuous mornings! I read recently that the word sensuous has become intertwined with sex. Say sensual, hear sexy. WRONG.  While there is no denying that the act of making love can be sensuous, it is not the same thing.  My sensuous morning consisted of:

Lying quietly in bed and noticing the difference between the cool air I was breathing and the warmth under my blankets. Rubbing my feet on my soft sheets and feeling my limbs, warm and relaxed.

Listening to music that made me want to move my body. Both staccato beats that make you want to jerk in time and lush harmonies that make you want to move gracefully and can lead you to weep.

Driving my car on a back road and feeling the machine grip the road and float over small hills and settle into the dips.

Watching the leaves swirl and eddy in the wake of my passing.

I saw so many colors this morning. Trees that all look the same during the rest of the year scream their individuality in color. Fields that were green, brown, tan, umber, beige and yellow.

I saw golden fleeced, dark-tipped wooly sheep and salt and pepper burros. I saw black and brown and white cows lying in the green grass. I saw large birds careening on the wind and sorrel horse pressing through the fence to nibble with his pink lips and perfectly white teeth at the grass on the other side.

I went to a farm and picked apples. I smelled the earth; I walked on the unevenness of it. I brushed against the apple trees, some sporting delicate blossoms and picked their yellow, green and red fruit, each fruit with a slightly different texture to their skins. I saw bright orange pumpkins dotting the field. The gray sky shifting from silver to leaden and back. I felt the wind on my face and the moisture in the air. I could smell the coming rain. I heard children laughing as they ran through the orchard, charging the air with excitement over picking apples.

I went to the barn to pay for my apples, and felt the plastic bag cutting into my hands from the weight of the apples. I smelled apple cider and spice. I smiled, a lot. It was a truly glorious and sensuous, juiceylicious morning!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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