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Dreaming of Daddy

I dreamed that I was in a city (I recently was in NYC) and I saw my father (who has passed on) standing up against a wall. We started talking and he told me that the Second Coming was going to be very soon, but that Jesus had to go check out the conditions at Stone Henge first. I mentioned to him how today was some important day in religious history and he told me “No, that day was yesterday.” I said, “oh yeah, that’s right.” Then I heard a sound of trumpets and singing and the sound was not of a fixed origin but all around me. I saw my dad look up to the tall building across the street and when I looked up I saw a beige colored building bathed in yellow-gold sunlight (like a sunrise) and saw the shadow of an angel blowing a trumpet move across the top of the building. I looked back at Daddy and he smiled and then walked away from the building he was leaning on. Where he had been standing, were about 5 people huddled together to fit behind him. I then heard my daughter, Liberty, from down the hallway (because somehow I was in my house yet in this city) and she was talking to my son, Frank Jr., saying that it was just the Liberty Mutual Angel. (For those of you who can’t place that, it’s an insurance company and their logo is the Statue of Liberty, not an angel.) I woke up at this point and decided to catch the news (sometimes dreams like this have let me know what’s going on in the world before I wake up) but the FIRST thing I saw was a religious ad on Fox TV channel 5 that talked about redemption and how to be redeemed.

Notification? Imagination? Holidays frying my little brain? Not sure about it, but it was nice to see my Dad, no matter what. I like the friendly chats we have in my dreams, goodness knows there weren’t enough with him while he was alive.


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