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Sweet Heart

Below is an article from the website, :

Emotions are closely coupled with our desire to eat. More precisely, negative
feelings are usually more conducive to binging than positive ones, and
therefore you might be wondering why to worry about weight loss on Valentine's Day.
The fact of the matter is, not everyone has a hot date or will be spending
time with their loved one tonight. All you lucky ones - we wish you a great time
tonight and feel free to commit all those little sins and then burn them
off later. And to everyone else - join Erik, Igor and the rest of the Calorie-Count
Team in figuring out how to avoid gaining a couple of pounds tonight.

In fact, avoiding emotional eating applies to all of us, regardless of our
relationship status. It is estimated that 75 percent of overeating is caused by
emotions. Let's see what HK's Calorie-Count Diet
( has to say on this topic.

This series of articles offers essential tips and information to help you
succeed on your weight loss journey with

Very often, you'll find that you've had a crummy day. Your boss yelled at you, your
dog left you a surprise when you got home, and you just stubbed your
toe. Before you know it, you've just downed a pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Phood
and are looking sorely at the bag of Hershey's Kisses.

STOP! And let's back up a little.

There are all sorts of complex emotions wrapped up with eating. Often, how we feel
affects how we eat. A lot of people tend to eat when they're miserable
or when they're bored.

When starting off your new lifestyle change, grab a piece of paper and start writing
down how you feel when you eat certain foods. Are you cheerful? Angry?
Bored? Achy? Bleh? See if there are any connections. If you find that you tend to
overeat when you're achy and bleh, than you're probably an emotional
eater. Being aware of a problem can often lead to a solution.

The next time you feel the emotions that lead to bad eating habits, try to be aware
of them a little. Recognize "I feel crummy and I want something sweet
to eat." Then try to deal with the emotion without overeating. Call up a friend, put
on your favorite music, go out for a walk, anything but sitting in
the kitchen with a box of Oreos feeling bad about your day and feeling worse about
how you're eating.

If you feel like you have a bigger issue such as full blown depression, please
contact a counselor to help you deal with that. Often, creating one
positive change in your life can lead to other positive changes and even more
positive changes, a veritable Domino Effect of positivity.


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