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Senseless Mutterings

My youngest daughter brought home a coupon the other day for the circus, and in her normal way of not asking, asked if we could go. I jumped on the subtlety of the invitation! I haven’t been to the circus in years! Frank reminded me that in the beginning of our relationship, we had taken Heather (the eldest) to the circus. When we had gotten home to my parents house, where I was still living at the time, I made some hot dogs and salad for dinner. (with the thought process that I couldn’t burn salad and thus make a good impression on Frank) Heather wanted ketchup on her hot dog so I turned the bottle upside down and swung it in a fierce arc to force the ketchup to the top. Little did I realize that the lid had not been secure and the next thing I know there is a wide arc of ketchup from my mothers ceiling, across Heather in her high chair, and all across the wall to the floor. Frank was quite impressed by that. I won’t even go into how my salad got into my glass of milk!

My job has been hopping lately. I have recruitment packages to make and mail- anyone want to help stuff 1000+ envelopes!!- and we are gearing up for two spring concerts, one performance with the Baltimore Choral Arts and a performance at the Meyerhoff, plus some of the students will be in the Baltimore Opera Company’s production of Tosca. And for my next trick, I shall balance the bowling ball on my nose while trying to get the last bit of ketchup out of the bottle….

I went shopping today for items to help a friend plan for a pair of baby showers. One theme gave me some troubles and nothing in the stores sang to me. The other theme wouldn’t shut up! Oddly enough, this imitates the mother’s to be. One is quiet and the other is rather boisterous. Now if I can come in under budget, then all will be well.

Hey, I warned you in the beginning that these were senseless mutterings…


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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