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Gotta Get a Shimmy on

I was recently poking around on the web when I came across a belly dance video clip and felt that old familiar wiggle coming on. I took some dance lessons a few years back and caught on pretty quickly, heck I’d been dancing through my hips most of my life, so it didn’t seem that different to me. However, I was taking the classes with some women in their later 40’s and was amazed at how stiff and tight they were.

Now, I get why. I’ve been sitting too much. I’m stiffer than I ever was, and the old adage, use it or lose it is screaming at me. I have a number of belly dance videos that I need to haul out to go along with my Yoga. It’s not an issue of time or availability, it’s an issue of motivation. I’m a night owl by nature and exercising in the AM just seems to be impossible to get to, but the later the day becomes, the less likely I am to exercise- or dance- because I’m wrapped up in the day to day. Ever since I busted the platter in my kitchen, I haven’t danced much at all and I sure do miss it.

I think tomorrow shall be my dancing day.


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