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Bar, Balls, Beds,Two Sickies and a Pot of Soup

On Friday evening, we went out and visited some friends at a local bar. My husband and I take turns as to who imbibes unless we have a designated driver and on Friday I was feeling so jittery, that I thought a drink would not be a bad idea. While we were visiting with friends, a man from the table next to us started talking to me about some CD’s someone had brought for me. This led to a conversation about music, bands and what songs we liked. Unlike some couples, my husband does not get jealous when another man talks to me. He knew when he met me that most of my friends were male and that trend hasn’t seemed to change but for a very few women whom I hold dear.

For some reason, this particular guy seemed so familiar to me and I *knew* that I knew him from somewhere. Our table and his table started playing a question game and after a few rounds it occurred to me where I knew him from. Eventually it was my turn and I asked him, “Do you teach soccer?” This question floored him. Not only was it a bit out of line from the previously slightly raunchy questions, but I could tell he hadn’t recognized me yet and was wondering how I knew this about him. I waited while he sat there agog and then asked him if he remembered my daughter, Heather. I knew he would; he and she had a great coach/student relationship. Suddenly, recognition dawned on him and he scrunched up his face and said, “oh… I loved Heather… and Frank… and Sean… and Liberty..” He had taught them all at our local middle school and coached soccer for Heather at the high school. He was one of the few teachers that had been a positive role model in my kids time at that terrible middle school and it was great to catch up with him. I called Heather on the phone and let him talk to her and then Jr. stopped by and so did Liberty so it was a mini reunion. When we were leaving he said it was one of the best parent teacher conferences he’d every had.

On Saturday, I had a fuzzy mouth and a bit of a headache. I thought it was because I had overindulged a bit the night before and I thought that the reason my voice was cutting in and out was because I had been talking in a loud bar for most of the previous night, so Frank and I agreed to go bowling later that evening with our friends, Dave and Jenny. Dave bought bowling balls for Jenny and I this past Christmas and after she and I had the balls drilled, we needed to try them out on the lanes. Yeah, I know it’s April, we’ve been busy!! The people on the lane next to ours liked my ball- it’s a giant Yellow Happy Face!! I get a kick out of watching it’s happy little smile smash all the pins! Ok, I’m strange… I admit it.

We left the bowling alley and I realized that I had nowhere to sleep at home. I had given my old bed and mattress to my son that day and was expecting delivery of a new bed today… not sure why it didn’t occur to me that I’d have nowhere to sleep, but Jenny very kindly said I could stay with her for the night since her daughter was out of town. Thanks again, Jenny!!

Of course, Jenny may be cursing me in a few days, but I really hope not, because overnight my scratchy voice and what I thought might be the remnants of a hangover actually became a very congested cold…ugh… and to top that off, Frank had developed a fever overnight and was complaining of a headache and nausea, something Dave had dealt with recently as well. I thought a pot of chicken soup would be in order so I made a very simple recipe that neither one of us felt like eating. Guess I know what my dinner is tomorrow!!

My mattresses came, by the way, and that means I get to go try out my new bed… first one in 15 years. Goodnight


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