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Calm before the….

Hopefully it’s the calm before the calm and not the storm. Today is Libby’s last concert, ending her 11 year run with the Children’s Chorus. I am pretty sure I have everything in place. Since Wednesday I’ve been running around putting things in order, buying reception food for 700 people, dealing with ticket and seating issues and making sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be. No biggie there, but I’ve been gearing up for this last performance. I know I’ll cry.

For 11 years my baby and I have spent Thursday nights together. From the first year when we would drive up to Patapsco Valley, fighting the Route 29 traffic, to this last year where she drove herself to Abiding Savior Church, Thursday’s have been our time. We’ve shared countless meals together, sang in the car with each other, learning the words or the music to a particular piece and talking about what has been going on in her life. I think the amount of time she’s sat on my lap (even this year) at Peabody is far greater than the time she’s done so at home! Now, we are coming to an end. She’ll be leaving for college in the Fall and I’ll be starting my very first year with Peabody without her. It just won’t be the same.

She says she’s going to audition for the chorus at Salisbury. I hope so. I know that singing in the chorus has been ‘her thing’ for so long, that I’d hate for her to not be able to enjoy it still. Besides, the chorus she’s in now is for treble voices, I can imagine it will be a wonderful new experience for her to sing with bass as well.

5 hours and counting until I need a really big box of tissues…..


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