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And how are you, Mr. Boxwood?

Just got home from the ER. Libby woke up and started thrashing and crying and asking me questions like, “Why can’t they hear me?” and “Tell them to stop looking at me!”. Then I left the room and came back moments later to her wailing that I hadn’t come and “there was something scary on the ground trying to get her.” She was radiating heat, but refused to let us take her temperature. She just was not with us and not happy wherever she *was*. Of course, this meant an immediate trip to the ER, where they found a fever of 103, gave her a bag of meat and taters and drew some more blood to be sure all was well. Her previous strep test came out negative, but they said all signs point to that being the problem, just to try and keep her temperature down and STOP the nausea meds. Apparently it is infamous for making people loopy. All are home and all are doing well now.

Libby is sick. She’s running a fever and so far has had a negative strep test, but they are sending off a culture to make sure. In the meantime, they have given her some antibiotics and some anti nausea drugs. She sleeps like a rock anyway, but now she’s so zonked out that her phone- on full volume by her ear- won’t even wake her up. If you know Libby, (or any teen aged girl anymore), you know that’s the ultimate test of whether they are playing opossum or if they really are asleep!

I was supposed to go to a party this evening- some friends INVITED Frank and I – but I decided not to go so I could stay home and keep an eye on Libby for a few reasons.

1. She’s my baby and she’s sick.
2. Graduation is on Tuesday and I don’t want her to wake up and decide to go to one of the many parties she was invited to.
3. She wanders around and talks to things when she’s not feeling well.

When Libby runs a high temperature, you really aren’t too sure if she’s just going to sleep sleep sleep, which is what I want, or if she’s going to get up and wander about. The last time she was running a high temperature it was freezing outside. She got out of bed, wearing just her jammies, and walked right past me, down the steps and out the front door. I was calling to her the entire time to find out what was wrong, but she never answered. Instead she started having a conversation with the bushes out front. Frank had to run outside with a coat and try to bring her back inside, but the whole time, Libby was babbling to the bushes. We eventually got her inside and discovered she was running a fever which meant we took her to the Doc In A Box and found out she had strep.
This time, I brought Libby home from the Doc In A Box and sat her down at the kitchen table to eat some lunch. She had said she was hungry, so I had gotten her a sandwich from Burger King. (Not very nutritional, but it’s what she asked for!!) Traditionally, a trip to the Dr.’s office means a Slurpee, but I didn’t trust her to not wander out of the car. Anyway, I set her at the kitchen table to eat and went outside to check on the progress of the trash can corral we have been building. Within that short amount of time, she had eaten her food, followed me outside onto the deck, (in a jacket) and had plopped her butt into one of the chairs in the sunshine and passed right out!! Now, tell me why a person with a fever of 102+ would go and sit in the sunshine on a humid 90 degree day? I had to wake her up and convince her to go to bed, where she has been knocked out for the past 5 hours… poor baby.

In the car she asked me if I would come out to college if she were sick. I told her that if she needed me to, of course I would. That little moment did my heart good. It gave me a quick flashback to when she was a little girl and we would cuddle up and tell one another how we loved each other more than the other one did. Up to the moon and back, little nutbrown hare….


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