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Just a few friends

Last night we had a small cookout. Just the kids and a few friends. Jenny, her daughter Megan, Dave, Gerald and Lisa. We also had a few cancellations (bummer!) but still had a nice time even though the weather didn’t hold up as well as I would have liked.

Since we still had massive party fare, we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and Lisa brought a beautiful fruit tray. Jenny baked cookies and brought some corn on the cob, which we grilled. Everything was yummy.

Sean was in rare form- he’s so entertaining and Libby was a bit grumpy because she had to work and felt a bit left out. Of course, Sean had to say something uncomfortable to his brother, which I think is a requirement, and then the tense moment passed.

The rain moved in and since that seems to be the best time to light fireworks (according to my neighbor) we were treated to a fireworks display two houses down. How’s that for convenient? Sitting on my porch, surrounded by friends, all with well fed tummies and laughter AND get to have your own personal fireworks display. Couldn’t beat that!

Gerald had to work in the morning, so he left early-ish and then Jr. went home, Sean and Libby fell asleep and shortly after, Sr. did as well, leaving Dave, Jenny, Lisa, Me and Meg. (or as Dave puts it, himself and the Estrogen Brigade)

We played Uno until Meg was sleepy and wanted Jenny to go home, dwindling our group to just three of us. We played Uno, got to know one another a bit better with some good and open conversation and ended up calling it quits around 4:00am.

This means that my 4th will be spent the way Frank and I like it… quiet. We will watch a movie we’ve had out from Netflix for about 2 months now and maybe one other show I’ve been trying to get to and have something we rarely slow down enough to do… a holiday.

Enjoy your festivities!!


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