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Magnatune, a very cool website that exists to promote artists that might never have gotten massive airplay or the broad audience the internet can provide, has decided to give away a free album of music every month. That’s right! FREE! Music for you to listen to and love and burn and keep and share to your heart’s desire.

The basis of Magnatune is this. Artists submit their music. Magnatune decides if they want to carry it or not on their website. They offer you the opportunity to listen to everything on their catalogue in complete. You get to listen to every song on the whole album, not just 30 second clips. Then, if you like the music, you go in and YOU choose the price you are going to pay… no kidding!! So if you really love the music and you think the artist should get a nice chunk of change, you pay them what you think they deserve. (Or if you are tight on cash, but love the music anyway, you can get the album for as little as 5.00) Either way, Magnatune will then allow you the opportunity to either download your music, or wait for a CD in the mail. I love it!

You can get all kinds of music there.. R&B, classical, techno, country, alternative rock, opera, you name it.

Check it out at
You can get the free album, “Seduction Mix” at


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