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I’ve sat down to write this blog a few times now, but never really felt the URGE to actually write anything. There are just times where I am completely unmotivated to do ANYTHING and the time just slips by. Not sure that is really a good thing, because I am here for a finite time frame, but then I think, who will really care if the window frame wasn’t painted if my time should arise. The answer I come up with time and again is, ME!

Last weekend I had a pleasant surprise. Well, a few of them actually. I had invited my friends, Jenny, Dave and Jenny’s daughter Megan to have dinner before we went on the long-scheduled, but often canceled, ghost walk.

(A little background here!)
The first year we planned to go it just never ‘happened’. The second year we got to the point of picking a date and making reservations, but it was still not meant to be, for mother nature decided to dump large amounts of chilly rain on that particular October night. On that night, we had decided we would eat dinner before the walk, thinking dinner in Ellicott City would a be nice touch before the walk. We had chosen the Ellicott Mills Brewery. We waited for a table and got seated and explained to the waiter, as we always have to, that I have an onion allergy and can not have any kind of onion anything in my food. No onion powder, scallions, chives, leeks, onion juice nor anything cut directly after having touched an onion. And oh, by the way, if you have a fajita or grilled steaming onions, could you please not go near my table. Also, since my people all love me ( or more accurately don’t want to have their evening ruined by and ER visit) please don’t include onions on their plates either. The waiter was not pleased and seemed very put out and determined that there was nothing in that restaurant that I could eat and apparently the chef was of such poor quality, could not prepare me anything either. I literally ended up eating a few lettuce leaves that somehow passed as a salad and some kind of dessert. (Because we all know that there are no onions in dessert!!) Between the rain and the non-existent dinner and Dave being tired, we decided to can it that night and try again later. Again the year passed and we didn’t get to it.

This year, Jenny started talking about it in August, and after a false thought that September would be the best time, we finally chose last weekend to do it. We almost had yet a third cancellation when I broke my toe ( I really do think I broke it) on a bag of toilet paper the weekend previous, but I did my best to baby the baby toe and make sure that by that planned weekend, I could hobble around in my shoe if I stepped just so.

The evening before the walk, I heard a car pull up in my driveway and expecting my son home from work, thought nothing of it. When I heard the squeal in the foyer, I knew it was Libby home for a surprise visit and that she was greeting her dog with joy. I got a hug, but Piper gets the real love!! I was so happy to see her. She looked happy and good and promptly left again to go hang out with her non college friends, promising to go on the ghost walk with us the next evening.

Since the restaurant fiasco was still fresh in our minds, I offered to make dinner at my house for the group, thereby nullifying any issues with onions! I planned a menu and bought ingredients and then started to think about what I had done. My menu was Autumn Turkey Tenderloins, New England Butternut Squash and Rosemary Roasted root vegetables. Sounded good to me, but my guests are not as adventurous with their palates as I can be. I decided that since nothing GREEN was really being served, save the granny smith apples in the Turkey Tenderloins, for which I actually used chicken, I would be safe. I nervously prepared the now termed “Tricken Tenderloins” and vegetables, fearful that my guests would experience the rumbling tummy I did the year before when there was nothing for ME to eat, but I was very very pleased and proud when no one really questioned what they were served, and at very least tried what was offered, and didn’t retch on the table when they found out they had tried parsnips, turnips, rutabagas and butternut squash!! Now that’s what I call a friend!

We finally got to the ghost walk, with extras in tow, in the form of Sean, Shawnda and Liberty. I was a bit slow and sore by the time we were done, but it was enjoyable, and while brisk, the weather really couldn’t have been much nicer for this time of the year. We rounded out the evening with apple pie and were all ready for bed after our nice walk.

Oh! Turns out that the restaurant we had eaten at the second time we tried to go on the walk was the same place that a fired accountant had hung himself. Maybe that was why the waiter was such a poo!!

The next day, Libby, Frank and I went to the pumpkin patch at Larriland Farm to get out pumpkin. Since there aren’t really any kids, I got one big pumpkin and I hope to carve a scene with one of those template things. It was great to be out in the patch with my family and watching all the little kids running around trying to find just the right gourd! Sigh… good times…

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