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The Mitten Tree

I was really happy to see the mitten tree is still up and going at LOLMS. Every now and then you do something in life and then you move on, sometimes without thought as to whether or not the thing you did had an impact or lasting effect. I was in the Post Office the other day and the Post Master noticed I was sending baby clothes to Heather. He said, “Yeah, I’ll never forget you gave my wife her first crib.” It touched me that he would remember something I did over 20 years ago. Similarly, even though it would NEVER have been possible without the many others who have spent countless hours and effort to do it, I’m so glad I asked Daniel’s Mom if she would be willing help me do mitten tree. I’m just REALLY happy that these children have been helped through the LOLMS families and kind of amazed, really, that one idea and request has gone so far. Wow… really shows you what can happen if you only ask.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

3 thoughts on “The Mitten Tree

  1. Yes, it is. Long ago, when the LOLMS logo had a tree growing in the center, I thought it would have been nice to have a constant tree, painted on the wall in the hallway with gift giving all year long, but it got pared down to just a mitten tree at Christmas. Still, it's not a bad thing and much better than nothing!

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