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Getting the Girl

I need to be up in the morning to get moving on my way down to Salisbury to get Libby from college for the holiday. She’s been looking forward to coming home- to put it mildly- and I’m really looking forward to having her here. I was so shocked, and really happy, because when I was talking to her about baking a pie, she got very anxious and complained for me NOT to do everything, meaning she wanted to come home and help do some of the cooking. (specifically said she wasn’t interested in cleaning the boy’s bathroom, though. can’t blame her there)

Our Thanksgiving will be smaller this year. Just the family and one guest from Japan. We are excited to have him join our table and interested in finding out how he likes our part of the world.I hope he enjoys his visit.

The funniest thing was that both Libby and Sean asked me who was coming for dinner. I told them the guest list and both of them, separately, asked, “Why aren’t Dave and Jenny and Megan coming?” I guess they missed the memo last year about that being a one time thing! Actually, I was quite proud of them for accepting others to our table without any thought of who “does” or “does not” belong. Our family has always been one to accept people into our crazy world, and our crazy world has usually been better for it.

I spoke with Heather tonight. Her husband started a new job. (He had been laid off for a week due to work shortage in the building industry) Luckily he’s with a plumbing company where he can learn some of the maintenance trade and not have to rely on new installs for workload. She was telling me that she had a bunch of sick people in her house, which was sad because the girls are visiting from Mississippi. She also said that the girls were sent with only two pairs of pants and boots and no other clothes, so she was scrambling to find clothing for them. Sigh. Why, why, why, why….She said she was really tired of the fact that every time she gets things cleaned up, another mess befalls her. She will be 27 on November 26th and in her own words she said, “I want to be able to take care of my own things. I’m a grown woman.” You go Heather!! She’s had a lot of knocks and many false starts, but I really feel like she’s in a stable relationship and that she’s ready to take care of business. She also mentioned that she has the girls for longer than she expected during the winter break and that she might come up this way to see the family. I really hope she does. That way Frank and Libby can see the kids. Frank has never seen Tater and neither has Libby. And Lilli was only 4 months when she was last up here. Everyone say a little prayer, please!

We had a great time at the track for Frank’s birthday. It ended up being Frank, Jr., Dave, my sister Marcy and her husband, Jim.  I was disappointed that my other sister, Laura, had too many errands to run that day to join us and that I didn’t invite Jenny in time (thought I had, but guess I didn’t) for her to go… darn. I was really surprised that some friends that said they’d try to show didn’t even call to say they weren’t coming. Especially since we always try to attend everything they invite us to and we consider them part of our extended family. No call, no card, nothing. This is one of those times that I get a bit hurt and angry. I have  put forth the effort to be a kind an loving person, with small gifts and cards and thoughtfullness towards others and then when it does not occur in reciprocation, I get knocked a bit off my axis. I completely understand that the reason you do for others is NOT to have things done in return, and will continue to do no matter what. But it does sting me a bit when no one thinks the way that I do. I stress and worry about making sure birthday cards get to people and that thank you cards go out when appreciation is due. And I notice it bugs me the MOST NOT when people forget my birthday or don’t do things for me, but when they don’t do for Frank.  He was, after all, their friend first. How can people who know Frank, a kind, considerate and caring person who lives to help others and thinks nothing of doing something for them, not even bother to call and say they can’t come to his birthday and hang out for a few minutes. Just blows my mind and makes me suspicious off all the “inclusive” nice things they say.

I guess I’ve said enough, or maybe too much? I’m going to get the girl tomorrow and I look forward to a BIG HUG when I get there.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a belated Happy Birthday to Frank. You were wonderful to take Dave, Jenny and Megan in last year when our whole Thanksgiving went down the tubes. Hopefully that won't happen this year (but in my life right now…you never know.)

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