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HIdden Talent

I went to the dungeon today- the work space in my boss’ basement- to do some filing. During a break, I went upstairs to see her Christmas tree and decorations. She’s recently redecorated and if I could figure out a way to boot her from her home and just replace her family photos with mine, I’d be happy!

As I was looking at her tree, I saw an ornament that I particularly liked. It was the letters JOY, joined together with an elf wrapped around the J and O. It was so cute. Then I noticed a very intricate Santa face, with an extremely detailed beard, and liked it right away as well. Then I started to get an odd sensation that I’d seen these pieces before…. and WHAM!! I realized they looked familiar because I MADE THEM!!

Since the boss had been my daughter’s teacher for 12 years, I naturally gave her little gifts every year. Handmade items were generally the case and once I found I loved playing with the polymer clay, she got ornaments. I must say, they were quite good. I mentioned how I saw them on her tree and she put her hands on her hips and told me she was a bit upset that she had stopped getting her ornaments. Well! now we know what to do for the boss every year, don’t we?!


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3 thoughts on “HIdden Talent

  1. I used to make things all year long, and many of them. I did make three small ones last year, but that's the last time I have touched my clay. The biggest issue being space to work on a project. My desk doesn't allow for it anymore and Frank has the other half of the room. I did realize recently that when LIbby goes back to college I could put a folding table in her room and use that space. I miss playing with my clay!

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