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Where do they come from?

Every year I tell the kids that Christmas will be smaller and every year the don’t believe me. Sometimes I have to wonder myself, because it has taken me a full day of wrapping and I’ve still found a few more things I’ve stashed away, like a squirrel prepared for a harsh winter, that I need to wrap! I think the gifts go into some kind of void that only opens near the holiday.

Then there are the gifts that you know you bought, and can’t find anymore. As if the same void just forgot to cough those back up! I mean, c’mon, my closet isn’t that big!!

I’ve been spending roughly the same amount of money on gifts for my kids for years, (read too much) but since they were small when I started with that amount, it looked like tons of stuff. Now as they’ve aged, their gifts are more expensive, but their budget hasn’t really changed. Funny how that’s seemed to work out quite nicely. Now throw in the 4 grandchildren to buy for and my budget is toast! I can’t not buy for the babies!

I’ve got one more batch of cookies to bake tomorrow, I’ve finished a treat I promised a friend, I’ve finished the cards…. (bursting into song- Greeting cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through…) ok, enough of that.

So how many people went and listened to my 3 versions of Little Drummer Boy?? I thought someone might comment on the variety I posted. I mean, how often do you hear Klezmer Christmas songs?? It’s almost a contradiction in terms, isn’t it? And the orchestral version of LDB, blended with Ravel’s Bolero? Ok, that’s odd. Then the guitar version is actually kind of nice. I didn’t have the heart to post the German grunge rock band version; be thankful.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

3 thoughts on “Where do they come from?

  1. The funny thing is the sad tone of voice you use when you tell the kids that "there won't be as much under the tree this year". I've heard the same thing from you for over 20 years and probably will for 20 more. The void must be giving back more than you put in…like a Christmas club account! You worry over what the kids will get and want it to be "like when I was a kid". You care so much and work so hard! I love you…silly goose. Merry Christmas,Scrooge

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