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No Guilt

Yesterday I had to go to some training. Honestly, I can see how it will help the people in the main office, and some of the data collection will make things slightly easier for me, but pretty much, this change doesn’t really change much for me. Considering the hype I had heard from the developers, I thought this was going to be something huge, but it’s not. At least not yet. Maybe they’ll get there eventually.

Basically, if you have ever shopped online, you can work this new version of the registration process. Again, probably a big improvement in the office, but not for my practical data manipulation. Oh well.

Then I got asked to stay and chat about a project that’s going on that involves some paper. Honestly, we haven’t figured out a way to deliver this project in a better format, since these are unique individuals, but the powers that be wanted me to figure out a way to use less paper. I’ve already reduced the mailing quite a bit. I don’t think they realize how I’ve been honing this mailing list for awhile. Then the discussion was whether or not I HAD to use letterhead. For some reason, letterhead seems to be a VERY pricey thing. I’m talking VERY PRICEY. I’m beginning to wonder if someone is gouging them if that’s truly how much they have to pay for 2 reams of paper and 2 boxes of envelopes. I mean, we are talking about a mailing of under 1000 people.

But the icing on the cake.. the thing that nibbled at what’s left of my brain… was one of the last things said to me. I recently had my review and I’m proud to say I got an excellent one. Glowing you might say. But what was mentioned to me was that now that I’m working there, money is so tight in the budget because I have a salary. I don’t think the person who said it was trying to be mean or purposefully wanted to make me feel bad, but anyone who knows me will know that I’d rather volunteer than haggle over money.To be told that now that I have a salary, they have to economize to afford to keep me just made my guts clench. Does that mean they are that close to having to cut me? Does that mean I won’t get the raise I should? (probably… but I’d rather have the job and not get the raise if it’s that bad) Still, I don’t like feeling like I’m a burden to anyone for anything.

Dunno… I guess I’ll just keep plugging away. At least the kids LOVED the cd I made for them. I’d prefer to deal with the kids any day of the week.. oh hey… I do!


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