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Sugar Shock

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If you know me, this will surprise you, if you don’t then it’s something new you get to learn and file away in the useless pile of Sharon trivia!

I don’t like candy. I don’t like hard candy, I don’t like milk chocolate anything. I don’t like lollipops, just about any candy bar, gum.. nothin’. Once in a great while, I will crave Heath toffee in ice cream, but I don’t ever like ice cream.

I don’t like soda, I don’t like sweet drinks, I don’t drink my coffee with sugar and don’t you DARE put sugar in my tea. If I have a mixed drink, I’ll have a Cosmo, extra DRY.. as in barely any color in my vodka, please. (Notice I like vodka and not Southern Comfort?? lol)

I don’t like chocolate milk, I don’t like cocoa, I don’t like really sweet fruit.

I think you get the picture here.

(btw, even the goodies I do like, such as a deep dark chocolate cake, oatmeal cookies, muffins and such can’t be sweet. I prefer bitter and nutty… just like I like my men!)

Back to the story…..

I was working this morning and all of a sudden an overwhelming urge rose up and grabbed hold of the tenuous little thread of focus I had on my brain. A vision of m&m’s, jelly beans and rabbit shaped sweet tarts flooded my mind. The pastel colors a jumble of the spring siren song of……….EASTER CANDY!!!

About a month ago, I bought candy for the kids. Since they are all young adults, I decided to limit the choices and give them a few sweets. They didn’t need the usual huge basket of goodies. I made small baggies of goodies for each of them and figured I’d dye a few eggs and that would be that.

This morning, one of the kidlets asked me,
“Mommy, am I still getting my basket?”

You would have thought he was still 7 instead of 22.

Well, what is a mommy to do? I told him he’d be getting something, thinking of the little baggies I’ve had in my drawer for a little over a month. I knew right away he would be terribly disappointed in that little baggie and decided to make a mental note to stop by the store to “supplement” the kidlets little stash of goodies with some disgusting kind of Reese’s product and then thought nothing more of it.

Until that siren song flooded my mind and compelled me to rise from my office chair, raid the kidlets stash and consume half of a baggie of candy. WTH?? Who is this person and what have they done with Sharon??

I ate the sweet tarts, the jelly beans and some of the M&M’s and wow! am I buzzing along. I know the crash will come soon, and I’m FREEZING, but that little walk down the dark side of the candyman’s path was pretty good.

Guaranteed that if you ask me if I want anything sweet again tomorrow, I’ll look at you as if you’ve grown another head, but right then it was just the best thing on the planet.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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