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Is Thrice the Charm?

Gremlins abound!

A while ago I signed up for Verizon FIOS. April 1st to be exact.

Duh. Last time I sign  up for a service on April Fool’s Day. It’s been the gift that keeps on giving!

I was so happy when I signed up. A potential monetary savings, better connectivity and a return to the company my father had worked for his entire life. The sales person was polite and informative and the installation was set to occur a week later…… the first time……..

My house is a newer house in an older neighborhood, so most of the wiring is above ground, but all of my stuff is buried.

I had called Verizon to see if they realized this, since I hadn’t seen anyone come out to mark the utilities. They told me everything was fine and that my tech should be at my home later that week.

He showed up. He looked around. He told me he couldn’t do anything because they hadn’t buried my line yet. Duh.. didn’t I tell them that earlier in the week? Ok, ok.. I understand how this could have occurred. It’s not that big of a deal, so they scheduled a crew to come run a line under the street. Within days I saw people marking the water and electricity and so on. Yay! Progress!

Then a crew showed up and started digging. They ran the wire through my yard and began to dig in the street. It took them all day, but eventually they left and I thought all was well, because I got a phone call asking if I wanted to reschedule my installation for the next week? Sure thing!

That day the rain was pouring down. The second tech began installing the box on the exterior of the house and bringing it inside. Then I heard my name.

I went to see what the problem was and he told me that there still had been no wiring done under the street. My county had come along and halted the digging in the road because the contractor didn’t have a PERMIT!! Yikes.. ok, so what’s next? I was told that the permit should pass on Friday and that the construction company was set to come as soon as the permit passed and would finish the job, with a guarantee that all work would be done by the 19th.

Monday, the 20th, it rained, Tuesday it was glorious and today, it’s off and on rain again. I heard a rumbling outside and thought it must the the installation techs truck. Nope, the construction contractor is back again, digging on both sides of the street. Huh? I thought they were done…

I called the company and got a few people, who all assured me that everything was on schedule. Um. No. This was my third installation and yet again it seems as though the construction is not complete!!

My tech shows up and is a nice man. We chat about cats and such and he goes to check out what the hold up is. Seems they buried the conduit last week, but never pulled the wire through. Sigh. They were trying to find the other end of the conduit but were digging and since it’s been raining, the hole keeps filling with water, making it difficult to find the conduit.

Now I have a supervisor, a construction crew, an installation tech who is late for his second install and still no Fios. In fact, I found it rather ironic that the tech came in to tell me that they finally found the conduit.

6 feet under.

Just like my FIOS… dead! lol

Since the sun is beginning to peek through the clouds, maybe this is the break in the situation and I’ll indeed get my FIOS.



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