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What is wrong?

Is it wrong to get annoyed with your child when he calls you to see if it’s “ok to ditch Mother’s Day to go to an Amusement Park?”

Granted, I work on Mother’s Day, so going off to do your own thing doesn’t really irk me. What does irk me is that my 4 grown children, do not plan anything together for their parents. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries.. nothing. Last year I ended up planning my own birthday breakfast and guess what??? I paid for it, and them, too! They didn’t even think to offer.

WTF? I’ve done parties and given to them and somehow, they haven’t gotten the concept of giving back.

Ok, hold up here. I have one child who on her own has gone out of her way to bring me flowers or send me cards, so this rant is unfair where she is concerned.

I guess the annoyance isn’t really that he wants to go to the amusement park, it was more the total glee he expressed when he thought he was “getting out of” a family event, and my knowledge that not one of them has given a thought to getting together at all. Mom will plan her own holidays.. PHOOEY… Mom will go out with Dad and forget the rest.

Ok, I think I’ve had my petulant rant today. I can stick my lower lip back in and put the smile back on my face. My kids love me and they tell me all the time, so who cares if a card company picked a specific day for them to show they care. They all show it in their own ways and believe me, for as cranky as I sound, they are actually all very expressive.

Sigh… ok. I’ll go and count my blessings now. I have great relationships with my kids who are all good people and are independent and thriving individuals.

What was I cranky about?? I dunno.. I think I forgot.

Love you, Heather, Frank, Sean and Liberty!!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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