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Star Trek and Comedy

Over the weekend, I went to go see Star Trek.

I remember watching Star Trek as a child and thinking that aliens must be balls of sparkling lights and energy. Maybe I wasn’t so far off, who knows.

I had a few favorite episodes. Who doesn’t like watching grown men act with fuzzy balls of fluff without cracking up? Tribbles have been the name of choice for any kind of overly fuzzy, fluffy, fake fur looking thing ever since.

And then there was Harry Mudd. Or should I say Harcourt Fenton Mudd. On days when I find it hard to compute, stay on track or actually make a coherent thought, I think of Harry Mudd’s android women. Especially the blank looks on their pretty faces when the crew confused the bejeezes out of them, and their circuits began to fry; little smoke curlicues coming from the backs of their heads. Yeah.  I feel that way at times. Then I think of their replacement, Stella, coming from all sides, screeching his name  and I think that James T. Kirk really was a very mean man at times.

What was the topic of the blog today…. (cocks head to one side and looks blindly at the wall… cricket….. cricket….)

I went to see Star Trek over the weekend. We carefully checked the dates and times and decided the best time to go would be on Sunday. We wanted to go to the IMAX showing. We got there on time, I paid for the tickets and we got settled in to our favorite seats with the bar in front where I can rest my leg.

Not once during the pre-show, nor the previews, did we see anything indicating this was the IMAX showing. Hmm. Strange.  We waited through all the previews and thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but after it was over we both were confused. It didn’t seem to be an IMAX experience to me! Don’t know how we did it, but somehow I must have zoned out and not noticed (Harcourt Fenton MUDD) that it wasn’t IMAX. Oh well, like I said, we enjoyed it, even if I did have to explain a few things to Frank who was SURE he found continuity errors.

And in reference to the word Comedy in my title… while we were waiting for our NON-IMAX experience, we saw a preview for a new comedy show on TV. A loudly dressed, overweight, not too bright, black man was dancing around with his equally overweight wife. I’m curious. Other than The Cosby Show, or a Wayans comedy, why does it seem the formula for all the black sitcoms are based on overweight characters that frequently aren’t that bright? I’m not sure I’d like that to be the stereotype for the typical black family.

Anyway, just an observation.. nothing more, nothing less.


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