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The Answer My Friend

No, this is not about the song….

I’m a night owl if given the chance. I like to hear the chirping and peeps of the night creatures. I like the stillness of the night. I like how different the night feels.

When I was young, I used to go cruisin’ with my first boyfriend. We’d go riding around with our friends, usually ending up in a parking lot and hanging out, but sometimes we’d go riding on back roads and through the woods while we listened to music.

Years later, I had a friend that I’d go out with until all odd hours of the night. We covered a lot of miles, but we never really went anywhere. It wasn’t the destination that mattered, it was the journey that was the best part. We sure did love our Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis. Music just seemed to sound better with the cool kiss of night air on my skin and my hair being tugged by an invisible breeze.

I’m not really sure why that stopped. Maybe it was work schedules or gas prices or just a lack of time, but it happened.

This evening, I went to dinner with some friends. They toasted the upcoming annual anniversary of my birth and got me a piece of cake, followed by the ritual song. I loved it. It was so sweet of them to think of me. Perfectly simple and simply perfect! Thanks guys!

It’s a cool and clear 71 degrees here tonight, so on my way out to my car, I was flooded with memories of how I used to spend my evenings riding around and singing. The moment I got into Everett (that’s my cars’ name. Doesn’t everyone name their car???) I put down the windows, opened the top and turned up the stereo. “More Than a Feeling” by Boston came on and I was off!

The bar we had gone to is about 10 miles from my house on a road that is wide and allows for ample speeds. I could feel Everett’s engine thrumming through the steering wheel as the wind was playing with my hair in swirls and eddies. I drove along singing at the top of my lungs with the music of my youth thumping through my stereo on wheels. (C’mon, Ev has a Bose sound system in him!) The good feelings that came bubbling up turned into a smile and then a laugh as I remembered just how much I loved this.

I didn’t want to turn on to my exit, but I did. Everett had done his job in reminding me that he would be there, ready and waiting, whenever I wanted to go again.

Let me go find my keys….


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