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Philosophy of Independence

You’d think from my last post I was in a crappy mood, but not so much. I just thought that the song and lyrics pretty much fit a few situations and I wanted to share.

Having said that, you’d think I’m bitter and angry. Nope. Again, not so much. Disappointed and surprised – which I’m pretty sure that song mentions, but so be it.

I read recently, “Never make your happiness contingent on another person or material goods.”

In some ways that sounds pretty harsh and closed-minded, but I don’t read it that way. Life changes, things come and go, people come and go but you are your only constant. If you can remain happy and upbeat and pull yourself up by your bootstraps, then you’ll be fine. If you are dependent on others to always help you out, you’ll find yourself disappointed, the victim, and maybe even stranded.

Sure, invite people into your world. Enjoy them while they are there. You probably will miss the good feelings you felt with them, but that shouldn’t be the end of your world. Work it out, and move on. Can you remember them with fond feelings? Depends. Is it THEM you are remembering or is it actually the feelings you felt when you were with them that is the true thing you are missing?

If that’s the case, your focus needs to find a way to feel the same way, the same happiness, you did when they were around. If that means a new relationship, or a new car, or new music, or pictures of puppies, or soft fuzzy blankets, then so be it. As long as you are feeling better about your world than you were a moment ago, that’s progress.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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