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German, Italian and… BINGO

For my birthday back in August, I was gifted with Rosetta Stone programs for both Italian and German.

I didn’t start learning or using the program right away – like I should have- and when the end of September rolled around, I decided it was time for me to get cracking. I’d like to be able to minimally understand the people, read some signs and maybe even not embarrass myself if I have to ask a question in either language. I know this is an ambitious undertaking, but why not? I’m confident that I can get some of this down in a timely manner. (Manner – with an accent, this is the plural for man in German)
What you see above is a perfect example of the system I’ve come up with to work on multiple languages. I’ve learned some Italian to get me started, but when I had gotten to a certain point, I started the German program. Now, when I learn the German (Das Madchen rennt.) I immediately translate that to Italian (La bambina corre.) and then to English. (The girl runs.) I’m keeping a journal (giornale)  – haven’t gotten to that one in German yet – and I’m writing (scrive – schriebt) down all three languages to help me remember it all. I HAVE to step up my lessons though, because I’m finding once or twice a week is too long to go between lessons now that the Italian is starting more complex sentences. (Noi abiammo dei fiori bianchi.) I should probably get a little closer with the German to where I am in the Italian. Hubby thinks I’m nuts doing this simultaneously, but honestly, it seems to be the easiest way for me to do it so far.

Last year, we had a Sister’s Dinner at my Aunt’s house. Since then we’ve had a crab feast at my sisters house and a get together in February. This has become a healing time for my sisters and I. After the death of our parents, we all needed time to find where we were and deal with that in our own way. Now, instead of coming together because our parents wanted us to, we come together because WE want to.

Tonight, we are going to that fine dining establishment, Denny’s, to chat and visit with one another and catch up on my 72 year old Aunt’s ghost hunting adventures, and then we are going to go play BINGO! (Shhhh.. don’t tell, but Hubby LOVES to play Bingo.. hehehe)


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