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The Power of Generosity

As you probably read and perhaps inferred from my poem yesterday, I was having some difficulty figuring out the seating arrangements for our upcoming concert. When the realization came over me yesterday that I had more seat requests than seats, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

So I wandered around the house.

This gave my brain some time to percolate an idea or two, jot them off to the boss and then wait for a response.

So, I decided to go get my pedicure with my hubby and my friend.

This meant that the boss called me while I was relaxing in the massage chair with my feet soaking in warm bubbly water,  and approved a slightly edited version of what I had proposed to correct the situation.

Hubby finished up his pedi first, and since I couldn’t convince him that the red “I’m not really a waitress” nail polish would actually look wonderful on him (lol), he decided to re-establish his manhood by going next door and picking up a 6 pack of  dark beer.

I came home and sent out my email asking families to switch to the day I had more tickets and waited for responses, hopeful and confident that people would be willing to help out.

So, I turned on “America’s Next Top Model” (hey, don’t judge me.. they were in Italy… it was research) and decided that I’d have a beer, or two, with hubby. (That’s right.. be jealous that my hubby will sit and watch ANTM with me while sipping his beers)

After I watched the show, I checked my emails and voila! There were some seats turned in.

So, I went to bed.

This morning, my mailbox was filled with people who were willing to adjust their schedules to help out others who wouldn’t be able to watch the concert otherwise. By this evening, I’d had enough of an outpouring of generosity that everyone will be able to get all the tickets they want and we’ll be sold out for both days.

I love the fact that the people I’m involved with are so willing to help one another and support the Chorus. The power of generosity, that I knew was rampant in our community, showed up when it was needed and helped everyone, all for the sake of children and music.

This all makes me very happy.


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