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Got a New Phone

Hubby thought it was time for me to upgrade so we took advantage of the buy one, get one free offer for the MyTouch 4G phone. Looks like it might be ok, but I’m not making any firm decisions until I’ve played with it for a bit.

I had one of the first smart phones, an MDA, and I finally gave it up because it was so slow, needed frequent rebooting and I felt like there was no way to actually be sure I could make an emergency phone call if I wanted to. Granted that was about 6 (?) years ago and things have come an awful long way since then. Thus, Merry Christmas to he and me and now we are set to video phone while I’m away in Italy in February.

In other news, we’ve finished with concerts for one campus and I’m still playing Human Tetris for the other one. I know, I know… I should be doing that and not blogging, but really… I needed a short break. Everything went fairly well over the weekend except a small issue of a skirt dropping off a singer. Our soloist sang beautifully and stepped forward to take a much deserved bow, when her skirt’s velcro came loose and down it went. Luckily she was wearing jeans underneath her skirt and no one got a show, but I felt so bad for her to have lost her “moment” because she really did a beautiful job.

Ok, back to the grind…


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