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Really Done

My previous post referred to my annual game of Human Tetris being completed. As the box office for two of our concerts, I ticket the venue. With a group as large as ours, split into vocal parts, it’s difficult for parents to seem their children during a concert unless you seat the alto parents on the soprano side and vice-versa for the soprano students. Since I would certainly want to see my child, I take the extra time to seat parents accordingly. It does make the process longer, and results in swollen ankles from sitting for ages while I do it, but I think it’s worth it to the parents.

Unfortunately, parents don’t see to realize this, because I’ll check in with the woman who does the will call table only to find that people have swapped out their seats… oh well… I’m not going to stop trying.

So, 3 dress rehearsals and 4 concerts later, I’m pretty wiped out. Doesn’t sound like much, but that means over 375 children performed across two weekends and entertained a minimum of 2000 people in the area. Not too shabby to say the least.

Beginning tomorrow, I’m on my countdown to Christmas. Now that concerts are done, it’s time to get the shopping done, wrap the goodies and bake some yummy goodies. It’s my favorite part of the holiday.

I do, however, have to make an appearance at work for a holiday luncheon and gift swap. That should be fun. Maybe this year I won’t make the mistake I did a few years back. (the last time I went)

We do a Yankee swap with no item above $10.00. I’d been searching for something that I thought would be nice but useful as well and found a perfect black handbag, so I picked it up. Feeling pleased with my purchase, I went to the office on the day of the luncheon and greeted all around, only to stop and swallow hard when I said hello to Gavin, the only male in our offices. Uh oh….

You guessed it. Out of 20 or so people who could have chosen from 20 or so gifts, mine ended up being the last picked, with Gavin being the last one to pick based on the numbers we had drawn from the pot. I think I turned all kinds of red when he opened the bag to find a cute black handbag and an uncomfortable awkward silence descended on the group. Thankfully, one of the other ladies offered to switch with him before I had a chance to offer and all was well, but I felt horrible. This year, I have to make sure I don’t pick such a girlie gift.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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