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Mall Walking and a Baby Dream

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I went to the local mall today. I rarely go to the mall. Usually the mall doesn’t really have anything I want to buy, but a friend wanted to meet there for lunch and a stroll so I went.

While we were wandering about and looking at the new stores that have opened and wondering where some of the old stores went, I was drawn to all the BABIES I saw  there. Toddlers, newborns and those in between were rocking, rolling and teetering all over the place. After the dream I’d had this morning, I just wanted to go up to each baby and give them a cuddle. I’d be talking to Lupita, catch sight of a fresh little nugget and stop in the middle of my sentence to watch them go by.

I could watch babies for hours. True, screaming babies can be annoying, but it’s usually something Mom or Dad is doing wrong or some discomfort that’s making them scream, and all I ever want to do is go over and see what I can do to help and soothe them.

Little wobbly pixies make me smile. I look at them and they seem so fragile and so strong all at the same time. I think babies are awesome and I feel a strong connection to them.

Ok.. so on to my dream this morning BEFORE I went to the mall and saw all those chubby little bundles. I’ll warn you not that my dream was fairly disturbing. If you choose to continue reading, remember that I warned you.

I dreamed that I was out at a mall or other public place and noticed a baby that was sitting on a carpeted surface. Its mother was either talking to someone else or was not around because there was no one watching this child. This baby was about 5-7 months old.

The baby was picking up handfuls of straight pins and putting them into its mouth (because that’s where babies put just about everything). Handful after handful of straight pins went into the right side of this child’s cheek and mouth until it was so full the child started to have troubles swallowing and began to cough. There was no crying and seemingly no pain and no blood, but I was appalled that there wasn’t anyone watching this baby and raced over to take the pins out of its pink little hands. I started pulling large amounts of pins from the baby’s mouth and pulling them out of the cheek. The baby was laughing and smiling and cooing at me and I was torn between the feeling of smiling and cooing back and the horror of the fact that I was pulling straight pins from the child.

I finally got all the pins out of the baby. It’s face looked perfectly fine, with no marks or blemishes and the drooling little mouth was still smiling and happy when I noticed that it’s gums were green and looked like they had little pin heads in them. I put my finger in and gently pried up a pin head and once I got it loose, it POPPED out like a splinter does when the area is infected. I pulled out two or three more of these and then the baby had pink gums and was fine.

Of course, this all made me wake up and think, WTH??


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