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When I traveled to England in 2009, I attempted to write a blog for each day I was there for my official work blog. I was so exhausted by the time I was done, I never got to the official London blog.

It’s hard sometimes, because I’d love to write some of my personal experiences and thoughts, but don’t really want my “work” to be effected. Especially if I had a quirky view of something that happened. And so much happened.

When we came home, Hubby and I went to DuClaw to unwind and write down some things before we forgot them. We ordered up the sampler and realized that there were 10 samples, so we toasted each other with the first beer and then began our list of 9 beers for 9 days.

When I decided to work on my official London Blog – gotta get it done before I go globetrotting again – I took down those little slips of papers we had written our thoughts on and practically relived the trip in a matter of minutes.

I’m sure this won’t make sense to many but me and Hubby, but I wanted to transcribe my list into my blog and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the gumption up to finish London and put the official blog to bed.

9 Beers for 9 Days

1. American Brown – DC and Arrival in UK (London), Stonehenge, Sherborne, Rooming, HarryPotter room, small showers, exhausted.


2. Alchemy – Sherborne (Land of Potter) 1st UK pub, Murphy’s and Kiwi’s (New Zealander’s and two girls who were lovin’ it)

3. Venom (Nitro) Sherborne, attempted Glastonbury but epic fail, broke the bank, bought flowers, had coffee in pub, pictures of monk washing, Bath, Crazed chaperons, kids not sticking together, strange rabbit statues, busking, circus, Georgian architecture, dogs on balcony over sidewalks (what happens when they lift a leg?) went to grocery store and wandered, helped Cuffee (Savannah Children’s Chorus), explored the Abbey Grounds.

4.Venom (norm) Sherborne, Concert Day, mad @ Hubby, Abbey gift shop look around, 3 wishes, Stodger and coffee, Halfmoon Inn, blog fail, knitting in the sunshine, concert, crazy woman, escape, pissed as escapee, gas leak (only from an anus) leaks and no hot water, the start of the plague.

5.Hellrazer – Wells, lost camera, boxed lunches on grass, tour of cathedral, dead people we lunched on, city tour walk, kids in town, coffee and cream pastry, croquet, bishop’s garden, , wifi, shopping, dinner on dead people, soccer players flirting with girls, concert prep, wells concert, Louis concert and reception, bus ride home (scary), ruffians on the lawn, cab ride to police station (they close at 4PM), Glastonbury (finally), thorn tree, abbey ruins, chaps griping, cool shops, Joseph of Arimathea.

6.El Guavo – Stratford Upon Avon, Holy Trinity, Birthplace, movie making, Shakespeare’s buried in the steps, Ice cream off of boats, Torchwood encounter, Avon river, puking student, changing behind room divider in sanctuary, scaffolding, unstable roof, missed handoff of directors, Senga, Hotel, Hour of confusion, rooming craziness followed by drinking at bar/lounge.

7. Misfit Red – Warwick/Stratford, Anne Hathaway house, singing in garden, boys taking photos of flowers, plague continues, Warwick Castle, falconry, wax figures, towers, Tre-Bu-Chet!- some back to Stratford, me to lounge, working on scarf, zzzzzz, Talent show, scrumpy in lounge and scarf again.

8. Bare Assed Blonde – London, traveled on bus, Greenwich, climb hill to see line in boot, no photo, lost Maeve, Thames cruise, crazy foot traffic, stressed chaps, Big Ben and Parliament, Downing Street, Bus, Drove to Piccadilly, Trafalgar, Pall Mall, Mens Clubs, walk to Buckingham, Palace grounds, St. James Place, Evensong @ Westminster Abbey, back to bus, Chelsea football hotel, more room nightmares, more sick kids.

9. Kangaroo Love – London, lime green, scarf debut, Tower of London, Ravens, Crown Jewels, St. Paul’s, Boys to bathroom, girls change on bus, more sickies, singing under the dome, gorgeous sound, sing on steps, BBC, encore request, former singer Julienne Gedes found us, Covent Gardens for shopping, street performers, driver errors, marble arch, left tour guide, 50 pound car ride for programs that mostly parents took, back to hotel to change for dinner, Novotel West for Farewell dinner, speeches, cabaret, back to Chelsea, fish n chips?, Frankies- no fish n’ chips. 😦

Up at dawn and on the plane home to DC.


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