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What A Greeting!!

For various scheduling reasons, I was having troubles figuring out when to get my friend Jenny her birthday present. I’ve been wanting to give it to her since Christmas, but the whole Christmas-Birthday gift idea was thematic, so I had to sit tight until her birthday, which isn’t officially until tomorrow.

For Christmas, I got her a number of magazines which all tend to have good, nutritious and cheap recipes in them, since she wanted to start eating better. For her birthday, I got her a designer lunch bag with some really neat containers for food. I really liked both and was itching to give them to her.

Since she was busy tomorrow, and I’m busy most of the weekend and then gone the following week, Hubby and I decided to go pick up a cake and some flowers and try our luck at her being home. We trudged up to the third floor and knocked on her door, our gifts, flowers and smiling faces in view of the peephole.

“G*d Damn*t! I knew it!!” , was what we heard from behind the door. Now what kind of greeting is that?

😀  hehehehehe…..

She opened her gift and mentioned that she was just getting ready to go buy a lunch bag since I hadn’t given her one yet. (I’d threatened last year) I’m glad she liked it.  Then we had cake and played some of her Rockband 3, chatted about Italy and some other adventures we’d like to get into and too soon it was time for us to go home.


Aaaaaaannnnnd, the daughter is now insisting that I abandon my blog  to come watch Jersey Shore with her and telling me that if I don’t, she’ll put this massive hair she just pulled out of her eyeball on me. Yeah… my life? my house? my family and friends? … we are all just a bit nutty. THANK G*D!!


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