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Giulianova and Being the Newbies

There is a little place on Main Street in Westminster that blew my socks off last night called Giulianova.

Hubby and I were  invited to a private party held in a little courtyard behind Giulianova Groceria by some good friends who are very graciously expanding our social world by adding us to theirs. This is especially nice, since we are really trying our best to get ourselves moved up to the Westminster area and it sure is nice to know there are people you know in the place you wanna go.

There were 20 of us at this shindig, all toasting or bemoaning the loss of the AFC division game between the Steelers and the Ravens. (oh well…)

We started with a caprese salad that was delish, moved on to a three cheese and sweet Italian sausage puff pastry, followed by Shrimp Scampi. Our main course was Chicken Parmgiana and green beans with red peppers and   pancetta and dessert was either tiramisu or cannolis. I went for the tiramisu, which was awesome. And the BEST part of this entire meal? NO onions. Not a one… no onion powder, no onion bits, none! It was so great to just go, eat, talk and have fun without worrying about your food allergy.

We did meet a few new people and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit, even if we do tend to hang back a bit at first. You know how it is when you introduce new elements to your tight little group and I’m thankful that we were included.


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