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Pillows, Email and a Balloon

I’ve tried to find a comfortable pillow combination since I came home from my surgery. It’s not easy finding a way to rest comfortably when you have stitches in the base of your throat. It swells often and every little move you make, you feel in those muscles. That’s not said for pity, that’s just to let you know why a pillow combination is so important.

This morning I woke up and saw at least three different kinds of pillows in great disorder and recalled how I’d been switching them out during the night. It made me giggle. I think I finally found that the squishy one is the best, but only if the tempurpedic one is up against my back so I can’t roll flat and the harder one is in front so I can lay my arm on it. The more I sleep, the better I feel, so this configuration is a winner for me.

You know how you hear the phone ring and you know who it is, or you’ve been thinking of someone and they show up? I had that happen to me today.

I was writing an email to my sister to let her know I was home and all was well and as soon as I hit send, someone started knocking on my door. I’m not really ready to receive visitors, so I was cautious to see who it might be. I saw the shadow of a balloon and realized it was a floral delivery man. Who would be sending me flowers?

After dealing with the growling and drooling crazy dog that wanted to eat said floral delivery man, I brought the white and bright yellow daisies and white roses, all stuffed inside a huge yellow happy face mug, into the house. My balloon read “Hurry and get better”. I looked at the card and it was from the same sister I had just written to! Too cool.. love it when that stuff happens.

I brought the flowers into my office so I could have them smiling at me all day while I try to catch up on the many emails I got while I was out last week. About an hour later, I thought it might be best to send an email of thanks to my sister for the flowers. I wrote the note and hit send and almost immediately after I did, the balloon POPPED! My mylar balloon, popped.

I thought maybe the temperature change could be accountable for this, but it had been about an hour since I’d brought it in the house, so that didn’t seem plausible. I’ve never had a mylar balloon pop. In fact, those suckers don’t even pop when you want them to.

Oh well, the flowers are still lovely and I’ll enjoy those, but if they wilt and fall to pieces within the next hour or so, I’ll get the hint and see what it is that ‘someone’ is trying to tell me. Lol!!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

2 thoughts on “Pillows, Email and a Balloon

  1. Thanks Bubbly! I do feel lots better every day. Give me about 3 more days and I think I’ll be back to dancing on the tabletops again. Not sure the owners of the tabletops will be happy with that, but when the music moves ya’, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

    Thanks for stopping by! Drop in anytime… :0)

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