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Happy Rodent – 117

I had this incredible urge to open up a new blog post to write, and I still do, however I have no idea what I’m supposed to write about. How strange is that?

I keep watching the new Doctor Who trailer, although I can’t seem to find the date that tells me when the new season starts, I did read that they will be doing spring series a summer break and then a fall series. That would be great!

I’m in an awesome mood today. I feel so awake and alive I’m practically shaking – all of this and NO Caffeine. Another wonder, since last night I was so tired I could barely stay awake. Must be all this exercise I’m getting now. If it’s a by-product, then I’m all for it.

Last night I was at rehearsal and a music bomb went off in my head. You know, when a word or a sound triggers a musical memory of a song or some lyrics? Yeah, that.  Well it went off and I started singing some kind of song I haven’t heard in years and looked at hubby and said, (ok, I admit it! I actually whined) “I want that song!!”  Sat down this morning to look for it and POOF! it had evaporated from my mind.  Wonder how many brain cells it took with it!

Tonight I’m going to see a production of “Into the Woods” done at a local high school. Some of our students are involved and it’s always nice to go see them in something other than chorus. They are all so talented it’s nice to support them however we can. Plus, we get a great date night. Can’t beat that.

Speaking of things you can’t beat…. Hubby just walked in with a bouquet of flowers.


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