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First Week – 113

The first week of my project 121 has gone by and I’ve noticed a few things.

When you count down to something specific you:

  • tend to notice that time moves quickly
  • become excited by the approaching event
  • become anxious about the work you still need to do before you can go
  • aware that you haven’t listened to the language cd’s in awhile
  • motivated to do the things you haven’t

This past week I worked on swapping out some food choices and cutting down a bit on portions. I didn’t deny myself anything, really, and in fact I went to the Cheesecake Factory and had some peanut butter cup cheesecake. I split it with Hubby, had about 4 bites and felt satisfied. I never want my project’s focus to be on denial, but on reasonable choices instead.

I also logged 10.4 miles for walking, used my hand weights at home for some upper body toning and did some static leg exercises , AND – yesterday I wen to the gym and stepped up my upper body training. Now I’ve recruited #4 to go to the gym with me to teach me some of the lower body and midsection machines/floor exercises, that I need.

This weeks results………..drum roll please…………..

4 inches lost – mostly off belly and butt

3.2 lbs down

antsy if I don’t move by 2 pm


I’m happy with these results and am confident that  I’ll be skittering up the Spanish Steps with the best of them.


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