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Graduation -111

# 4 will be graduating from college in May.

COLLEGE!! oh my… my baby is graduating from college… just a sec.. I’m having a “moment”

She’ll be graduating with HONORS!! Hold on, having another “moment”.

I’m such a proud Momma, I want to announce her achievement to the world. She, however, isn’t on the same page.

I asked her about invitations, announcements and such and she just shrugged. She said, “Why? Who really cares what I’ve done. It shouldn’t be about that, should it?”

When she found out she was graduating with honors, her response was, “As long as I get to wear that stupid rope, I’m good.”

I know she’s proud of her accomplishments in that she’s done it all well, but she’s not the kid who will jump up and down, screeching with glee about it. She’s… let’s call her… understated. She looks at all of this just as “what you are supposed to do”.

In some ways, this attitude will serve her well.

It’s such a Hubby attitude.

She’s such a blend. I remember when I was carrying her I looked at Hubby and said, “I want a girl.” He wasn’t too sure about that. He shuddered and said, “Eh, no. What if she has all of our bad qualities. That would be a nightmare.”
Ever the optimist I said, “But what if she has all of our good qualities. She’d be a blessing!”

The universe listened and she got both, but I think it’s done her a world of good to have such a balance.

Now I’m on a mission to find some announcements I can entice her with. They can’t be too “much” in either design or cost because she won’t go for that.

Any ideas?


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