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No Bones About It -109

I’m not sure how it happens, or why, but people get set in their ways about food choices. It’s almost as if it’s the only thing in life you really have control over as in how much you put in your mouth, what it looks like before you do, how it tastes and how you like it prepared.

I’m not immune to food quirks.

I’m not a big fan of bones in my meat. I don’t like the smell of turkey or chicken roasting and watching people eat wings, chicken legs or pulling meat from bones kinda turns my stomach. Hubby, LOVES fried chicken, so we will occasionally go pick him up some. I’ll sit in another room and he’ll enjoy and open a window to rid the house of what I call “the stink”. We even cook our holiday bird on the grill to avoid the aroma.

I usually don’t like to drink alcohol and eat food. Every once in a while a beer with something sounds good, but the reality of drinking a strong beverage while eating overcomes the thought.

I don’t really like pasta. It’s heavy and makes me sleepy as soon as I eat it. I prefer to eat Shiritaki Noodles.

I don’t like many sweet things. Chocolate should be cold and berries should be warm more often than not.

I truly enjoy the flavor of foods that have a flavor closer to nature than processed things. The closer it is to tasting like dirt or twigs, the happier I am.

Do you have any food quirks?



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