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Fine Dining 100

Last night I had an incredible urge for chocolate, so I made some dark chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies. They are fantastic, but they tear my tummy up a bit and I end up “remembering” the cookies for the rest of the day. That didn’t stop me from having a handful for breakfast…..and then a handful for lunch as well.

Hubby and I went to the airport with DaBoss to pick up our special guest conductor, Michael Kibblewhite. We had debated whether we should or not, but I’m glad that we did, because as it turns out, he was interested in getting a bit to eat before heading to his hotel for the night.

So where do you take your originally-from-England-and-transplanted-to-Italy special guest?

Why Denny’s of course! What says welcome to America better than Denny’s?!

Actually, it was just perfect. It was fairly calm there, the waitress was good and the food came out just perfectly. Michael was happy, DaBoss – who’d never been to Denny’s while she’s lived here, and Hubby and I were quite happy to discuss the differences in choirs and cultures.

I’ve had so many meals with so many different circumstances there that I’m thinking I should write a book called, “My Life at Denny’s”.


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