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Certainly Not a Hogwarts Owl

I had a dream last night that has persisted in my head all day long. It was a vivid, color dream and when I woke up and told it to Hubby this morning, he said I was scaring him and that he felt it best he left for work right away.

Here we go…

I was walking out my front lawn to a garden patch to harvest some veggies, except when I looked up there were trees in front of me instead of the road. I looked over my shoulder, I was in front of a small square blue house. Since I could see my house to the left, I figured this was fine and looked back to the veggie patch. The place where it should have been was nothing but damp hard packed earth. There was some grass around it like it was nothing more than a bare spot in the lawn. At the farthest part of the bare spot sat a hand pump for water, and closer to me was an tool for digging that looked like a comb of some kind, but also looked as though it belonged on a piece of motorized equipment.

As I was standing there puzzling over the hard packed earth and lack of veggies, a movement in the trees caught my eye. I walked to the right of my patch and down a small slope until I could peek around the trees to a little pond. At the end of the pond were some deer. They all looked to be female and where quietly munching on leaves. I sensed a motion behind me and looked over to see a goat trotting towards me and making a beeline for the water. It was gray with two black stripe running along either side of it. The coloring reminded me of a badger. The goat was mumbling something in English, but I was so astounded by a talking GOAT that I didn’t exactly hear what it said. As he trotted by I looked down and saw an egg with what looked to be the fingertips of feathers and frog legs sticking out of it. It was propelling itself in a zigzag awkward patter across the ground and eventually pushed itself up under some leaves.

The egg started bouncing up out of the leaves and then suddenly burst into an owl. The owl was large and flew around me in a disoriented state before it flew towards me, madly flapping its large wings at me and then it flew off into the trees. The scene changed and I was standing by a window looking out at some trees. A simple wooden chair had its back against the wall under the window and kneeling at that chair were a woman and a child. Standing next to the kneeling woman was Jenny. The kneeling woman was teaching the child to “move like an owl” and craned her neck back and forth while flapping her folded arms, made to resemble wings. The child and Jenny were both mimicking her moves.

I moved my head and felt a tightness in my jaw and neck and reached my hand up to feel a double row of straight pins that had been inserted into my skin beginning at the corners of my mouth and running down my jaw, my neck across my chest and down to my rib cage. I started pulling them out and Jenny looked over and helped me. We both were perplexed and wondering exactly how I’d gotten the pins in the first place. Once we’d pulled them all out, I looked to my right to see women trying on custom-made dresses. I had an armload of brightly colored flounced sun dresses and the woman was ringing up my order and telling me what a good deal I was getting on these one-of-a-kind dresses. There were scarves and jewelry hanging around her and fabric swatches everywhere. There was a curtain behind her where people were going in and out to try on clothing and the designer was harried and anxious.

Putting a hand to my jaw, I could feel the little bumps where the pins had been and looked for a mirror. When I looked, I could see the double row of dots running down my jaw and neck and hoped that they would heal without scarring.

This was when my husband woke me up to give me a kiss before he left for work.  I didn’t dream anything else that I remember.

I know it’s strange, but it’s not like the dream I had recently where Hulk Hogan was in a completely black room under a trap door throwing white rocks into a void and the only way to find out what the noise was down there was to descend a black foam ladder that was nearly impossible to ascend once you were on it. Believe me, when Hulk Hogan looks at you and says, ” What?! Is there something you NEED down here??” you want to get back up that ladder, no matter how flimsy it might be!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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