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What’s Old Is New Again

I went shopping with my daughter yesterday and saw all the same styles from the early 80’s being repeated with little tweaks here and there. Lots of corsets, short skirts, ruffles and upside down triangle-shaped shirts, neon colors, red paired with electric blue, stripes, blazers… yep… save for the exceedingly large shoulder pads and the massive hair (which may be coming) there it all was… again.

It was both comforting and frightening to see my daughter scanning the racks for something “new”.

My wardrobe, which consists largely of jeans and t-shirts,  and my music library, seem to be stuck in a rut lately. While I have no immediate plans to return to the 80’s fashion era,  I have music that would fit the term ancient, literally, to current, but it’s oddly thin in the recent pop group. I decided to listen to a few radio stations to get a feel for what’s out there and what I might like to listen to.

What did I find?

Pandora radio is great.

Regular radio has FAAAARRR too many commercials to listen to for very long.

Ukuelele is big now and  girls that stutter when they sing, or girls who do something between rap and spoken word with a range of maybe a few notes are popular. I also found lyrics that were fun to morph ( as usual…. “We’re on the edge, it’s gory, and I blaming it all on you”).

Just like the button up plaid shirt with the shiny thread running through the pattern, paired with the fish-net fabric that served as a scarf, the tight (now called skinny) jeans and feathered hairdo I used to wear when I was 13, I also found myself in an updated version of myself over 40 years later.

I had virtually walked to the store (by going to and I was buying 45’s. Ok, so now they call them mp3’s, but it’s still a single song you can  purchase independent of the full album. Yes!!  I guess some things coming full circle isn’t always a bad thing, and  it doesn’t hurt that my allowance is a little more the 50 cents now. I’ve had a ball buying some new tunes and have now commanded my family to replace my once favorite gift of all time (A soon to be defunct Borders Bookstore gift card) with an Amazon gift card instead. Oh yeah.. Momma’s having fun now!


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