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Camping Epilogue

As mentioned, we had rain, cold, cranky children, an incline, fatigue, a looong trek to the rest rooms and various other conditions yet we left the campground scoping out the cabins and talking about “next time”.

On Friday, Hubby had been up for 24 hours before we even set off for the weekend. He was in good spirits, but you could certainly tell that a lack of sleep was taking its toll. Short term memory was a bust, hearing was going and fuzzy thinking was the order of the day. Still, he made it through the ride to Skyline Caverns with me. We met up with Jenny and M at a place call “Spelunkers” for a “cavern burger” for lunch.

I’ll leave it for you to make your own jokes here, but at least it was a good burger. As we were leaving the restaurant, we saw some tiny kitties by the dumpsters. Sadly, one of them seemed to have an injured rear leg. Jenny and I wanted to save the kitties and I wanted to make the injured one a little wagon, but Hubby said we had to go.

Not far from Spelunkers was Skyline Cavern, where our tour guide, Dustin, took the four of us and two other poor souls who had to deal with us, for the tour. Dustin had a habit of starting every sentence with a very loud, “NOW” and it quickly became the random blurt out phrase for the rest of the trip. NOW, we did like Dusting quiet a bit and found him to be a great tour guide and quite funny, so if you happen to go to Skyline Caverns, give him a request.

Once we were finished our tour, we drove up to Charles Town to hit the SuperCenter Wal-mart for some victuals, and headed off to our campsite. We got there just before dark and started to quickly build Jenny’s Vacation Home. (It’s a tent, but it actually says ‘Vacation Home’ on the side of the box.) Both Frank and I worked very hard and trying to get a fire going and once we did, we cooked up our burgers and had our supper. By this point, we were all pretty exhausted, so it was a fairly early night for us. It didn’t help that it was about 45 degrees and we were all shivering in our sleeping bags.

Saturday morning, we awoke to the sound of raindrops. Jenny decided that God officially hates her and we set about throwing the rain cover over the tent. Good thing too, because later in the morning it decided to pour. We nixed our original idea to go to Harper’s Ferry since we weren’t in the mood to climb even more hills than we were climbing in our own campsite, so we chose to go to the Charles Town Heritage festival. Even though the rain had chased off some of the vendors and most of the crowds, we enjoyed wandering around and looking a crafts, listening to the band and enjoying the sights.

We did try to go to the races, but timing wasn’t on our side, so we ate our dinner with the thought that we’d be able to hang out long enough to watch the horses run after our meal. Wrong. After our chilly night, walking in the rain and a warm food in a warm place, we were all trying to keep our eyes open long enough to get out of the restaurant. Instead, we decided to go back to camp and burn stuff!!

After another evening in the damp chill (I thought that in mid September we would have been in the 50’s at night, not the mid 40’s!) and sleeping on enough of an incline that we felt we were on a slip ‘n slide, we packed our stuff up and sat like zombies trying to get our bodies moving. Eventually, we headed for home and naps in warm beds.


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