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Jammie Day

I admit it.

It’s 2:39 pm and I’m still in my jammies. I slept in. I enjoyed a cup of coffee, and now I’m listening to the Chorus recordings from Italy to decide which ones to use with what pictures. The window is open, a cool breeze is blowing through the ever warm office (lots of computing power=increased heat) and thoroughly enjoying myself.

How come, last week I was berating myself for similar behaviors, yet this week I am reveling in them? What’s up with that? And please, the answer shouldn’t be, “Because you are weird, Sharon.”  Anyone who reads any of my blogs already knows that, so it’s a foregone conclusion.

YouTube, I decided today, is a blessing and a curse. Hubby sent me a link to a story about the recent Reno Airshow crash.  I went to YouTube to see if there was video because the article had described some maneuvers the plane was doing before the crash that I couldn’t wrap my head around, so I wanted to see what they were talking about. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the actual impact of the plane, but I was, and devastated to realize just how quickly that all could happen. I guess it’s a good reminder of  how quickly life can change, but it’s almost like  you can feel the extinguishing of lives in the puff of smoke and hail of debris, and that’s what gets me. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but there it is.

In the “Careful what you post on the Internet” side of things. (I guess it’s a different topic?) I had commented about getting some crosswalks repainted before school started along with some road striping that got seemed to get lost after repaving occurred on my street on the net. Little did I know that my comment went to my local representative, that DPW meetings have been had about it, that someone fed the rep some possibly untrue information – or maybe intercommunicated is a better term, and that a local newspaper ran an article about it. WHAT?!  Really? That’s also cool and scary at the same time. I just got off the phone with the representative for my district, who was trying to clarify the conflicting messages she was getting, letting her know the events as they’ve occurred on my side of everything. See what one comment on the internet can do?

Just further proof for me that the Universal Manager is busy at work doing what I think should be done in my world.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

Well, Sharon, if you wanna know what I think....

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