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Whovian Grooves

I’ve been working at my computer today, listening to my Pandora music mixes, and I got it into my head that I’d like to include some of the Dr. Who soundtrack music in my Pandora playlists. I couldn’t remember who wrote the newest music beyond his first name – Murray – so I decided to Google “Dr. Who Music”.

What I found was a whole page devoted to people who have worked on remixing Dr. Who music. Amazing. There are so many different versions of the theme song, some traditional, some with different overlays and even a series of stories about Mr. Dalek. (Trust me, the Christmas one is definitely a keeper.  I’m going to have to download that and keep it to play instead of the Night Before Christmas.) So, if you are as geeky as me and you just need to have at least a half dozen different versions of the Dr. Who theme and some amusing Dalek stories, go here and poke around.

Kudos to who owns the artwork above. Go check out her other Dr. Who artwork.


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