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2nd C ~ Concerts and Tetris

Our Winter Concert season finished in mid-December, and I must say I feel it was quite successful. Normally, we have one concert for one campus and two for the other, but this year we did two at both. Logistically, it was a challenge to add that second concert Downtown. Due to the high traffic flow of students on the day of the performance, it required at least 20 parent volunteers.

What I found amazing was that it was practically effortless to have all the help I needed! Our volunteer base has the most dedicated and supportive people, that I realize I’m well and truly blessed. The evening of our dress rehearsal, I had parents popping out of the woodwork – so to speak – to offer their help and support. With their help, everything ran amazingly well the next day and for all subsequent concerts.

In fact, the main office made comment about how well supported our program was by parent involvement and referred someone from another department over to ours to find out our “trade secrets”. I’ve even had a parent offer to do the ticketing process in the Spring for the campus I usually seat. (Can you hear the heavens parting and the angels singing? I can!) I just wanted to jump up and hug the woman right then and there!

Another parent has consented to putting our past programs online in a database so we can keep track of what we perform and when, to help us produce varied concerts. That’s awesome!

The head of the department that was referred to us decided she wanted to meet and discuss how to get her parents as involved as ours. I have two words for her – show gratitude. Assign a small job that can be completed easily and then thank the person profusely. I know it sounds so simple, but gratitude goes a long way.


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