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Sweet Treats

On this bright fine morning, Hubby and I took our cars to the emissions station for their check up. It was kinda odd to smell cow manure on freshly turned fields while sitting in line to get my auto emissions done.

Lately, I’ve been itching for a sweet treat, and I found a bakery in town that looked pretty interesting called Starry Night Bakery and Coffeehouse. In the interest of poking around our new hometown, I asked Hubby if we could go have a breakfast sammich and some java and check it out.

As if I had to say more than coffee.

Tucked away behind a plaza and sandwiched between a few other shops, we found the bakery and walked in. It smelled heavenly! Visually, there is just so much to see.


I’m a bit frustrated with myself for not getting a picture of the Jack and Sally painting on the wall behind the counter. Along with Zero (all from the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas”) they are throwing cake batter and frosting at each other, having a jolly good time. :0) However, I did get a few other shots of fun things, like the ducks that line the wall above the bakery and the bottom of the display cases….


And the dark and delectable treat that waits for me at the end of Candyland….


Being St. Patrick’s day, Hubby had a Corned Beef and Cabbage cupcake, which was exactly what you’d think it is with the addition of some mashed potatoes on top. You can see a picture of it over at my other blog, What Andy Does. I was wondering how good it was, but Hubby was stuffing his maw with it so fast, there was no need. Very interesting and very good were the words I think he squeezed past mouthfuls.

Personally, I think I should return the portion of my sandwich that I couldn’t eat.


After my sausage and egg on pretzel roll breakfast, Hubby went and picked me out a special treat.

ImageHe says it’s called a Mahoo Wahoo, which I think means chocolate coffee cupcake. To be fair, I’d already had most of a cup of coffee, so the flavor of the cupcake might have been lost on taste buds that were already tuned to that, however, the frosting was delish. It was light and airy and with just a hint of sweetness. It wasn’t that fluffy whipped cream kinda stuff, but a buttercream that just was divine. A great way to start the top ‘o the morn.


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