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Work Schmirk


All I want to do now is be creative. I want to work on the YouTube videos I’ve promised I’d “get to” now that I’ve sorted through and filed the over 25,000 photos I collected from our Italy trip. (that’s a real number, btw) Instead, I’m making CD’s. One. At. A. Time. It’s great to watch the number decrease as I put in each disc, but it’s kind of mind-numbing.

In between each cd, I turn to my space heater and thaw my fingers out, since it’s pretty darn chilly in my office loft today. Meanwhile, just so I don’t go totally mad, I’ve listened to some pretty interesting stuff about quantum physics. A topic, I might add, that I was trying to enlighten people with about 6-7 years ago – before it became something everyone was chattering about.

OMG – I’m so cold today!





Of course, I just ordered – and will be having installed, two pellet stoves in my home next week. Thus, we are guaranteed to be having above average temperatures from Monday on…. s’ok. Saves my pellets for next year.

Next on my list – figure out how to merge solar power into my world and having it make sense for what I want it to do. That….. and create some YouTube vids for the kids. Yeah… I still want to do that.

OOOoooo… the sunshine is peeping through the clouds, and look! a sparkly butterfly….on a cupcake even…. yeah…. there’s no lack of focus going on here today….



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